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About Us

Our office consists of employees with three years to over 25 years of service. They are all trained in the various aspects of accountancy, bookkeeping, taxation and payroll to enable you to get the most comprehensive service from this office.

Every member of staff has over five years of accountancy training, gained either through accountancy experience or studies, with both qualified and part qualified staff. This depth of capability has helped to move the firm forward in recent years to be one of the most respected local firms, with very positive client feedback.

At our helm is the principal of the firm, Charlie Flett, a CA with over 35 years' experience in all matters financial. He is the initial contact point and provides sensible practical advice in an approachable manner. We never forget that trust is now an indispensable commodity since it is in such short supply elsewhere in business.

Our ethos is to help the client even if that means recommending that they do the work themselves. We try not to perform tasks that you can do more cost effectively on your own. Likewise we will not convert you into a company simply because it looks good or to gain us extra fees. Any decision should be in your interest and to your long term benefit. Everyone is constrained by time and in some instances we may recommend that we perform some aspect to free you up to do more productive work, but this should always be a mutual consideration.

Ask around because we consider our current clients to be the strongest advertising we could ever have.